Landscape plans


Fees vary depending on the level of detail needed and complexity of the site. 


Concept designs usually cost between $480 and $720.

Landscape plans are from $800 upwards. . 

The first visit is complimentary. On the house. On the garden actually.

Concept plans provide options for the garden layout and ways to use the space. They include the key elements of the garden and it's general look and feel. Some designers will only supply one concept plan. We will supply a few for you to choose from. It's your garden, you need to like it.​ 



As the first step, this provides an opportunity to meet and discuss your site, your requirements, vision and ideas as well as the plants you like.

In preparation for our meeting, think about gardens you like, what it is you like about them. If you don't have any ideas, that's fine, that's our job! 

Site visit
Concept plans 



What to do? What could it look like? Which plants would look good?  You might need one or all of these services.

Plant palette


A careful selection of plants can be provided to suit your house, taste and the specific site requirements. These can be native or non-native.


Landscape plans or Masterplans show the detail of how the garden should be laid out and constructed. This can include plans for permit applications according to council guidelines.


Plant schedules provide the final planting detail.. How many plants of which type go where.

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