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About Avantgardener

My grandma was a gardener. She had the hugest silver birch you'd ever seen, with millions of cicadas living in it. There were hydrangeas and camellias and thousands of freesias and the most amazing baby's tears moss growing all along the path on the shady side of the house. I remember her religiously planting lobelia seedlings every year.


It's in my roots.

My mum is a gardener. When I was young mum always had flowers from the garden in the house. She still does. We had a big garden with lots of different garden beds and lots of different plants. I remember trying to grow avocadoes in milk bottles, unsuccessfully transplanting grandma's moss, and being so disappointed over the death of many an African Violet and Venus Fly Trap. I made mum give me my own garden bed and I've been gardening seriously ever since. In 2004 I completed a Certificate of Garden Design at RMIT. This is when I started designing gardens for others.

The design process

Site analysis


Concept plans

Detailed landscape plan and plant schedule


Quotes and installation


Create your dream garden.
Tell me about your idea today.

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