July 23 2014

6 months ago we were nearing completion on the build of our dream home. The house was beautiful – but it was surrounded by a building site and we had no idea how to turn it into a dream garden for our family.

Having been keen do-it-yourself type people for years, it initially seemed somewhat of a luxury to use a landscape designer – but after engaging Jackie to develop the “master plan” we’ve come to realise the value of such expertise in considering all the elements and the seqence required to bring the dream to fruition.

Jackie quickly understood the brief – “just put a gorgeous country style garden here in Melbourne” I joked, after showing her endless magazine photos of huge NSW rural properties.

Jackie has provided a very collaborative approach, which we appreciated. There was plenty of opportunity to discuss options and prioritise our needs and wants.

Once the master plan with hard surfaces etc was complete, works began and it was a thrill to see her drawings come to life successfully in the “real world”. Jackie then undertook to provide a planting scheme for us, and again that has proven to be of huge value.

Not only did Jackie tune into the aesthetic we were after, she also managed to get us out of a plant selection rut, introducing ideas that will harmonise well with the overall concept.

6 months later, and the dream garden is well on its way and destined to be our pride and joy. Our expections have been more than exceeded, and there is so much more style and variety within the garden than we could have achieved on our own. We now rank using the services of a landscape designer as a crucial component, rather than a luxury.

We highly recommended Jackie McWilliam.


Lisa & Jason Laird

Mont Albert North

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