Design consultation

Ideas and advice might be all you need. We will tailor these to your needs and preferences. We can source plants for specific spots in your garden or the right pots for your verandah or deck.

In preparation for our consultation, think about gardens you like and why and what changes you'd like to see. If you don't have any ideas, that's fine, that's our job!  

Concept plans 

Options for the layout and use of the space, key components of the landscape, it's proposed look and feel without the finer detail. 

Full landscape plans detail the layout, materials, construction and plants to be used. Plant schedules provide detail of how many plants of which type and size go where. Council permits generally require this level of detail.

Avantgardener will oversee the installation of your landscape to ensure it is built to high standards and according to our agreed-upon plan. Our preferred contractors can quote and install your new garden or we can work with a contractor of your choice.

Plant palette

A carefully thought out selection of plants to suit your house, your taste and the site. A plant palette can provide ideas to fill gaps, rejuvenate an existing garden or create a completely new garden.

We will provide quotes and source plants for you. If feature plants are to be used, they will be selected individually.


Fees vary depending on the location, level of detail needed and the size and complexity of the site. 


Concept plans cost from $480 upwards for a small courtyard/garden.

Landscape plans are from $840 upwards. 

If you are wanting a full landscape design, the first visit may be complimentary if within a reasonable distance from the office. On the house. On the garden actually.

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