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Fairfield garden

This garden has taken quite a while and considerable patience to get going due to poor site drainage (street higher than the garden), so much rain and then an inundation of very hungry snails :///

I’m pleased to say it is finally finding its feet and the colour theme is becoming more evident at last with Mr Lincoln roses having recently flowered beside the ajuga, maple and digitalis. Lots of chocolates (including the ‘borrowed landscape’ next door!) deep reds are combined with some orange/apricot and purple shades. Some replacement @tavistocknursery #salviavanhouttei have just been planted because the others were chomped beyond recognition and a #cotinusgrace arrives next week. I think that makes the planting complete finally! 👏👏👏

The house is yet to be painted dark but it will provide the perfect backdrop when it does. 😍😍😍

Posting this on what appears to be a lovely sunny day I think I’ve jinxed myself as Rain Parrot tells me rain is on its way!!!!! 🤪

#landscapedesign by @avantgardenermelbourne #landscapeconstruction by @exclusivelandscapeconstruction

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